What is an Alcohol and Drug Intervention?

Intervention in its simplest definition is “to come between or to interrupt”. An alcohol and drug intervention means the gathering of professionals, friends, and family of an individual who’s been too addictive to alcohol and drugs that it causes him or her so much destruction of his or her lifestyle. These people will talk about the intervention approach/es that will be effective in convincing the loved one to accept help and medication.

One of the approaches that will be used is the “non-confrontational family systematic intervention” evidence approach.This approach will look at evidence and factors that contribute to the individual’s alcohol and drug abuse behaviour. And to understand these factors, a professional interventionist will look at how each of the family members contributes or affects to the alcohol and drug abuse. Through this, the addiction interventionist will identify the dysfunctional areas of each of the members and the family as a whole. The interventionist will then know if there is something that should be changed like the roles that the family members play, dysfunctional rules and alignments, or replace dysfunctional communications.

When is the Right Time To Undergo Intervention?

It’s scary and it’s really hard confronting your loved onewith an alcohol and drug addiction. Scary in a way that you will be confronting someone who is more aggressive thanbefore and hard in a way that you, as the family member, don’t even realize that one in the family has become an addict.

The right time to undergo intervention is when you recognize that there’s a need for your loved one to undergo an intervention. Or else, you, as the family member, will procrastinate and will convince yourself that it’s not that worse and that there’s no need for any medical help. However, when you see the following signs in one of your family members, you really need to take action.

  • Being forgetful

People who are alcohol and substance abusers usually experience blackouts or cannot recall an event especially when they are intoxicated. If this happens more than once, then you should be suspicious.

  • Clumsy and moody

They always experience injuries, accidents or DUIs. It is because they cannot control their alcohol intake.And often times, addicts are unpredictable. They always have mood swings especially when you talk about their drinking or drug use.

  • Isolating himself/herself

People who are alcohol and drug abusers prefer to stay at home, alone, than socializing with others. They only socialize with the people who drink and get high the way they do. Mostly, they stop doing the things or hobbies that they enjoyed doing before.

  • Being irresponsible

The person you have known to be responsible is now late to work and is sleeping too much. These are usual to alcohol and drug abusers.

  • Having financial problems

They cannot live a day without having a drink or a taste of the substance of their choice. These are expensive vices and this is where they spend their money too much resulting in financial problems.