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Presenters 2010

January 18, 2014: Dr WILLIAM HUANG
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Title of presentation: Mindfulness | Dual diagnosis. Dr Huang completed his Adult Psychiatry residency and served as chief resident of Psychiatry at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles, California. He stayed on and finished his fellowship training in the subspecialty...

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Title of Presentation: The Effects of Substance Misuse on Families and Young People Doreen E Massey has been a Labour peer since 1999. She has been chair of the NTA since January 2002. The NTA is a special health authority,...

January 6, 2010: UKESAD 2010 PRESENTERS
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SIMON ALDERS commissioning clinic ... is a treatment commissioner with the Suffolk Drug and Alcohol Action Team and a member of the Centre for Policy Studies’ Prisons and Addictions forum. His work involves a multi-skilled approach to an enhanced assessment...

December 3, 2009: STEPHEN K VALLE, ScD, MBA
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Dr Stephen K Valle (photographed with lookalike!) is president of AdCare Criminal Justice Services (ACJS) in Worcester, Massachusetts. He has been a pioneering leader in the alcohol, drug abuse, and mental-health field for over 25years. He was instrumental in creating...

December 1, 2009: GILLIAN BRIDGE
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Title of Presentation: RESILIENCE, better futures for all Gillian Bridge is an expert in the many, varied aspects of brain, language and behaviour and has developed a unique insight into the neurobiological similarities between addiction, autism and criminality. Her findings...

November 29, 2009: ANNIE BENNETT
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Annie Bennett is one of the UK’s foremost psychotherapists specialising in love addiction. Her work has been featured widely across the print media and her book, The Love Trap, was recently published by Hammersmith Press. She is a member of...

November 28, 2009: JEFF WILBEE
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Jeff is president of the International Certification and Reciprocity Consortium (IC&RC), the ‘gold standard’ accreditation for addiction therapists which is recognised in over 69 countries. He comes to that elected position as executive director of the Canadian Addiction Certification Federation,...

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Professor Neil McKeganey BA, MSc, PhD, FRSA is the founding director of the Centre for Drug Misuse Research at the University of Glasgow. Opened in 1994, the Centre comprises one of the leading drug-misuse research teams in Europe. Professor McKeganey...

November 1, 2009: JOHN FRIEL
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John Friel is an internationally recognised speaker and trainer and, with his wife Linda, the best-selling author of Adult Children: The Secrets Of Dysfunctional Families, An Adult Child’s Guide To What’s ‘Normal’, The 7 Worst Things (Good) Parents Do and...

September 1, 2009: DAVID BURROWES, MP
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David Burrowes was elected as Member of Parliament (Conservative) in May 2005 and is Shadow Minister for Justice. He is particularly interested in the policy areas of drugs and alcohol, the criminal justice system, family policy, international human rights and...

September 1, 2009: DEIRDRE BOYD
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Deirdre is cofounder/organiser of Ukesad, CEO of the Addiction Recovery Foundation, editor of Addiction Today journal and author of Addictions: Your Questions Answered, printed in seven lang­uages, as well as mental-health charity Mind’s booklet Understanding addiction/dependency. She is a member...

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Carlton (Carl) K Erickson, a research scientist, is a distinguished Professor of Pharmacology, associate dean for Research and Graduate Studies, and director of the Addiction Science Research and Education Center in the College of Pharmacy at the University of Texas...

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